Pause or discontinue your studies

If you need to pause your studies or if you are unable to commence your studies when the programme/course begins, you must contact the University. Here you can see if you should apply for leave of absence from studies, interruption of studies or deferment of studies.

Interruption of studies

If you do not plan to take the course that you have already registered on, you must submit a notification of interruption of studies to the University. Please note that this decision can affect more than your study situation.

Leave of absence

If you are unable to carry out your studies for a limited period, you may apply for leave of absence (study break). You may apply for leave of absence three weeks after the course has started at the earliest. Prior to that, you may apply for deferment of studies.

Facts about leave of absence

  • During leave of absence from a programme, you may only take exams, e.g., write an exam or take-home exam, in courses where you have previously been registered. If you are unable to register for an exam, please contact Service Center no later than the last day of registration.
  • During leave of absence, you are not entitled to student grants.
  • You cannot register or re-register for courses within the programme during your leave of absence.

Deferment of studies

If you are admitted to a programme or course but cannot begin studying, you can apply to begin the studies during the next admission round. This is called deferment of studies. Deferment of studies is normally only granted if you have special reasons, i.e. if you cannot personally influence the circumstances.

Examples of special reasons for deferment are as follows:

  • Social reasons
  • Medical reasons
  • Parental leave
  • Military or civilian service
  • Student union assignments
  • Deferred leave according to the Employee’s right to Educational Leave Act (1974:981)