The University uses Microsoft Office 365 for email. Your inbox size is 50 GB and the maximum size of an email attachment is 100 MB. You also need the email account to be able to print documents on the University printers. In Office 365 you also get access to Office software.

How to log into your email account

Username: your email address '' (for example

Password: the password you chose when you created your student account.

Email accountexternal link

Office 365 software

It is important that you, as soon as you have created your student account and registered for your first course also update your contact information in Student Ladok. Choose the e-mail address that you want the University to contact you through, it can be your or another e-mail address if you rather want to use your private account. You can also forward e-mail from your University account to an other account.

Built-in Android email app

You may be requested to accept security settings in the built-in Android e-mail app. Unless you do this, unfortunately the built-in app won't function with Office 365. Microsoft suggests that you use the Outlook app instead.