Influence your education

There are different forms of student influence, but in essence this is a matter of the university encouraging, supporting and highlighting students’ commitment to issues surrounding education and study situation.

Student influence is about you as a student being involved, having your say and taking responsibility for decisions affecting students; a collective student influence. Student influence thus concerns individual students’ commitment and the students who are involved in the Student Union.

Contact the Student Union if you want to get involved!

Influencing the University’s decisions

At the University, students have the right to representation in decision-making and drafting processes of significance to education or students’ situation; this applies both to the drafting and decision-making of an individual and decisions made by groups of people.

The Student Union and the University decide together which decision-making and drafting bodies the students can be involved in and how many representatives are required. In decisions made by a group of people, the number of student representatives must be a minimum of three, pursuant to the Higher Education Ordinance. Exceptions may only be made under special circumstances, taking into account the total number of board members in the group.

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