Study Support Centre

When you need different types of study support, you can turn to the Study Support Centre. The language supervisors can help you to develop your reading and academic writing.

Opening hours and contact


Weekdays between 14 and 17 o'clock you find our student employees at the information desk at the University Library. They can help you with basic questions or refer you to a language supervisor for support regarding, for example, guidance in academic reading and writing.

Find the Study Support Centre (campus map) External link.

Book an appointment

If you have questions or wish to have an individual meeting on site or via Zoom you can also contact us via email:

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Six younger women are sitting around a table talking to each other. The picture is taken from above and the table is full of mobile phones, computers and books. Photo.

Reading and listening

A younger man and a younger woman are seated in bean bags, each one of them with a computer in front of them. The man, who has glasses and light hair, looks at the woman's computer screen. The woman looks into the camera and is wearing a dark pink shawl around her head. Photo.

Tips on taking notes

A younger women is sitting at a table with a laptop infront of her. The picture is taken from the side.  Photo.

Good study habits

A hand is seen writing with a pencil in a calendar. To the left is a laptop. Photo.

Taking exams

A person is sitting at a table, surrounded by book stacks, with her face down in a book. Photo.

Doing presentations

A young man stands next to a large note pad and points with a pen. Photo.

Group work

Four people sit around a table full of books and talk to each other. Three of them are looking at the fourth person who is in the lower left corner. Behind them is a whiteboard with text. Photo.

Distance learning – tips and tricks

Woman sitting in a sofa with a laptop, wearing headphones and taking notes. Photo.

Help us improve the Study Support Centre!

The Study Support Centre is under construction and we are grateful for any tips from you students about what developments you would like to see. Feel free to email us with any constructive ideas we can take with us in developing the Student Support Centre.