IT Support and Helpdesk

You can get IT support both via drop-in at Service Center three days a week and via Helpdesk, the University's digital support service for students and staff. Via Helpdesk self-service system, you can easily report inquiries to get support with various things within the University.


You can send an email to or login to Helpdesk self-service to get in touch with the IT support. You can easily change your own passwords via Helpdesk.

For staff members

If you are employed by the University you can also print class lists or update your presentation in the staff database in Helpdesk.


Technical disruptions

Information from the IT Department
2022-05-12 16:14
DONE - Disruptions in both electricity and network
Due to electrical work in the D building, there will be disruptions in both electricity and networks on Friday 13/5 07:00 - 08:00. The disruptions in the network can occur in more buildings than just building D.
2022-05-04 17:28
Eduroam is not working - SOLVED
We currently have a malfunction on Eduroam wifi, which makes it impossible to connect. Troubleshooting in progress!
2022-04-29 07:41
Primula login is down
Primula login is down, troubleshooting in progress
2022-03-24 09:05
DONE - Edusign - Service Disruption
Service Disruption
2022-03-10 07:30
eduroam, new certificate
A new certificate for the eduroam service is installed 2022-03-10. On portable devices there could be a question if you trust this certificate and in this case it is okay to do so.





  • IT Support

  • Report a case in Helpdesk or send an email to: