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Utexpo graduation fair 2024

Take part in innovation and inspiration for a sustainable future!

Welcome to Utexpo graduation fair 2024!

The graduation fair Utexpo is a big annual highlight at the end of the spring semester. Hundreds of students show their graduation projects to other students, the public, the industry and Halmstad University staff between 29 and 30 May in the University Hall.

Utexpo 2024

This year's fair will be held between 29 May and 30 May in the University Hall at Halmstad University. Invite your friends, family or collaboration partner to take part in innovation and inspiration for a sustainable future!

  • Wednesday 29 May from 11.00 to 18.00
    Mandatory fair for teachers and participants from 10.00 to 11.00.
    Inauguration at 13.00.
  • Thursday 30 May from 10.00 to 16.00
    Scholarship Ceremony at 13.00.

About the projects and practical information

Två korthåriga studenter sitter i fåtöljer. Den ena studenter visar upp något på sin dator, medan den andra tittar på.

Practical information

Are you going to be a participant? Here is everything you need to know about Utexpo.

Utexpo for participants

Utexpo projects 2024

This year, there will be students from 16 programmes represented at the fair. From 29 May, you will find short presentations of each project here. Some projects are presented in Swedish only.

Important dates

These dates are important to keep track of as an particpant.

  • May 27
  • May 27

    Meal vouchers for exhibitors

    Pay for and pick up your voucher that you pre-ordered in connection to your registration for Utexpo. The voucher is ready for pick-up at restaurant Mangold in the glass aisle.

Pro Vice-chancellor and former student to inaugurate the fair

Kvinna i brunt, axellångt hår och glasögon på huvudet ler mot kameran. Foto. 

“These projects are not only the result of hard work from students and teachers, but also a manifestation of our vision.”

Welcome to Utexpo, an exciting fair where we at the University proudly showcase our talented students and their graduation projects! It is with great joy that we once again open the doors to a world of creativity, collaboration, and potential. In previous years, we have witnessed an impressive range of projects, from groundbreaking innovations like an ankle-foot orthosis with a circular lifecycle to a portable solution that improves sleep for ostomy users. These projects are not only the result of hard work from students and teachers, but also a manifestation of our vision to add value, drive innovation and develop society.

Utexpo offers a unique opportunity to see theory meet practice in real projects, often carried out in collaboration with companies and organisations. For our students, it is not just the end of their education but also a starting point for the future. For visitors, Utexpo is a chance to explore our students’ achievements and make valuable connections for future collaborations and recruitment.

We look forward to sharing this inspiring day with you!
Malin Hallén, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Halmstad University

Blond kvinna i långt hår och glasögon håller i en statyett. Hon har en svartvit blus på sig och en svart kavaj. I bakgrunden finns en stor gräsmatta och träd. Foto.

This year's Utexpo alumnus Elin Olsson is an Innovation Engineer

As a child, I dreamt of becoming an inventor, a desire that was early on inscribed in the first “My Friends” books. The choice of becoming an innovation engineer was therefore natural for me. But what I did not foresee was the wonderful journey that my student life would be – a period that not only provided knowledge but also created valuable memories and lifelong friends.

Now, as you, the final-year students, stand on the brink of completion with Utexpo, I can recognise the anticipation for the future. In 2010, I exhibited my graduation project with a clear vision of saving lives through improved product design and functionality in smoke detectors. That marked the beginning of my next journey, which was to start my own company.

Today, as a Product Manager, I have the pleasure of transforming customer needs into tangible products, a role I have held across various industries since my graduation. The dream I had as a child has come true, largely thanks to the education I received at Halmstad University.

Elin Olsson, Alumnus from the Programme in Innovation Engineering

Meet the Utexpo Council

This year's Utexpo Council consists of the students Tommy Sunrise, Emy Lindgren, Maja Magnusson and Philip Andersson from the Programme in Innovation Engineering. They will be your guide from sign-up to disassembling.

Last year's Utexpo graduation fair

Utexpo 2023 a success

For the 41st consecutive year, the Utexpo graduation fair was held at Halmstad University. Graduating students from 15 programmes were given the opportunity to showcase what they have learned during their studies and demonstrate their innovation power.

Utexpo 2023
Två kvinnor i uppsatt hår. Den ena bär svarta kläder och glasögon, medan den andra bär gräddvita kläder. Båda håller i diplom, blommor och en stor check.

Stena Recycling awarded two students

In connection with Utexpo, various scholarships are awarded to the University's students every year. The University's collaborative partner, Stena Recycling Inc., contributes SEK 20,000.

A small step for students but a giant leap for the circular transition
Sex glada studenter håller upp sina diplom och ler mot kameran. De står i hus S på en balkong. Foto.

Getinge Sterilization awarded six students

In connection with Utexpo, various scholarships are awarded to the University's students every year. The University's collaborative partner, Getinge Sterilization Inc., contributes SEK 100,000.

Better public health in focus for innovative students


crammed days


ground-breaking graduation projects


thousand Swedish Crowns in scholarships