Work Environment

All students at Halmstad University have the right to a healthy study environment to be able to develop and succeed in their studies. On this page, you will find important information concerning work environment issues that you need to know about while you are a student with us.

The University's policy regarding work environment and equal terms & conditions

Halmstad University must be characterised by a work and study environment where:

  • we work together toward an inclusive environment characterised by sensitivity, participation, openness, collaboration as well as respect for, and trust in, the individual.
  • we support and encourage each other in strengthening our competencies, involving each other and collaborating towards common goals.
  • zero tolerance applies to bullying, sexual harassment, victimisation and reprisals and we work with active measures to prevent discrimination.
  • our physical work environment is safe and accessible and designed in a way that stimulates meetings, participation, and inspiration.
  • the University has an active, well-functioning and communicated systematic work environment management that is a natural part of daily work and is integrated into all regular operational planning.

The right to a good study environment

The right to a good study environment applies to both the physical and social work environment. The rules in the Work Environment Act and the regulations regarding systematic work environment work in many areas also apply to universities. (Read more in The Work Environment Act, Chapter 1, Section 3.)