The results from the latest final-year questionnaire are finalised

The result from this years' final-year questionnaire, where the graduating students at Halmstad University got to give answers to questions about their study time, has been finalised. The questionnaire highlights both the strengths and areas of development, and the schools have already begun work on improvements.

Ten index areas

The final-year questionnaire consists of ten index areas where students can form an opinion regarding a number of statements.

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Teaching and Learning in my Education Programme
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Student Influence
  • Organisation and Management
  • Collaboration with Actors Outside the University
  • Sustainable Development, Internationalisation and Gender Mainstreaming
  • Inclusion and Participation
  • Support Resources
  • Learning Resources

In the spring of 2020, work was done to review the questionnaire’s statements and questions, and in certain cases, they were reformulated. The British student survey: “The National Student Survey (NSS)” was a source of inspiration for the original questions in the final-year questionnaire.





  • Pernilla Nilsson

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chairperson of the Advisory Board for Quality Assurance