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The Centre for Educational Development (HPC)

The Centre for Educational Development (HPC) at Halmstad University is a unit that works to create conditions for students’ learning, qualitative education and teachers’ professional skills based on scientific higher education pedagogy.

HPC works to support the quality of education by promoting teachers’ scientific approach to teaching, learning and career opportunities. We also contribute to innovative teaching and examination forms.

This is achieved, among other things, through higher education pedagogical training for employees, seminars in research supervision, pedagogical consultancy, support for pedagogical qualifications and ICT support for teachers. In this way, HPC creates the conditions for the University’s staff to participate in and help develop activities themselves that correspond to the University’s educational goals.

Areas of work within HPC’s mission

We develop attractive educational environments where teachers’ pedagogical and didactic competency is stimulated. Our various competencies strengthen and develop the quality of the education, with the goal of bringing the University’s educational quality towards a vital educational environment.

Teacher competence development

Through various educational efforts, we offer creative didactic concepts, which can contribute to educational innovation and new working methods. HPC works actively to support the development of teachers’ teaching and assessment skills, as well as their pedagogical competency development.

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University pedagogical/didactic development work

HPC contributes to in-depth knowledge in the field of higher education education via targeted development projects for the University’s teachers, which are carried out within the framework of the operational assignment.

Student-centred teaching

HPC works to offer the teachers at the University varied pedagogical methods that emphasise the importance of student involvement in their learning and that shift the teaching focus from the teacher to the student.

Strategic and systematic quality work

As part of the overall quality work at the University, we work with continuous follow-up, evaluation and development of pedagogical development efforts, as a basis for any future measures and as an integrated part in operational planning and operational management.

Educational qualifications

Halmstad University strives for research and education to be conducted so that both scientific and pedagogical skills are recognised. We strive for a high degree of formally qualified teachers. The University has introduced the title Excellent teacher as part of offering the opportunity for merit based on documented pedagogical skill.

Digitisation in teaching

Using ICT in teaching is a flexible way to teach, communicate and promote student learning regardless of whether it takes place on campus or remotely. HPC can inspire teachers to make full use of the resources available.