Digital Laboratory Centre (DLC)

How do sensors, loggers, programming and picture analysis fit together with education and research? Some of the answers, and not least interesting questions regarding this, can be found at Digital Laboratory Centre (DLC) – a creative, high-tech laboratory environment with a focus on learning, culture and creativity.

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About DLC

The Digital Laboratory Centre is an important part of Halmstad University’s work with digitalisation in education and research.

Two digital tablets are facing each other, one man and one woman are on the screens. Photo.

Education, development, research and collaboration

The Digital Laboratory Centre (DLC) is a strong digital environment for education, development, research and collaboration. Here, creative environments combined with the latest digital technology facilitate both the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. The work in the lab adds value and creates to innovation and the development of society.

In the lab, the university and society at large can collaborate in various ways.

Students, teachers and researchers

DLC is part of the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences. DLC should be part of everyday life for all students, teachers and researchers working, researching and conducting experiments at the school. At the same time, DLC is an important collaboration arena as a laboratory, learning and research environment within the university and for interaction with external parties.

DLC was inaugurated in November 2016.

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

 Man with VR glasses in a dark room, an image of the moon in the background. Photo.

Photo: Anders Andersson

Sustainable development

DLC is helping to problematise the effects of digitalisation and individual new technology in order to develop, in a sustainable manner, our education and research and our collaboration with the rest of society. In the lab, the university and society at large can collaborate in various ways. Different actors can explore, develop and learn from one another here whilst critically analysing what is taking place.

Contact DLC

Collaboration Coordinator at School for Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, including DLC Charlotte Berglund

IKT-pedagog Isabell Larsson

Pedagogical developer Kristina Wollentz