Theory of Science

4,5 credits

The course gives in-depth knowledges in key central scientific theoretical perspectives and questions about knowledge and research traditions within social, and health science. The importance of the ontological and epistemological assumptions for the understanding and evaluation of knowledge and scientific practiceis also addressed. The similarities and differences between different perspectives in theory of science are discussed as well as the understanding of perspectives in relation to research terms and conditions,as well as historical, social and cultural contextual contexts. Concepts such as the validity, credibility and evidence are discussed and problematized. In addition,students are given the opportunity to reflect upon scientific theoretical perspectives as well as issues in relation to their own research.

Autumn 2023 (Campus based, Halmstad, 33%)


Graduate level

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Entry requirements:

Basic eligibility for education at the postgraduate level (third-cycle) as well as the Introductory Course for PhD Students 7.5 credits at Halmstad University (or equivalent).

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Restricted admission

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week: 45

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Teaching is in English.

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