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LeaDS will be part of a Nordic network project on Computational Play granted by NordForsk call NOS-HS Exploratory Workshops 2022

Eva Brooks, professor at Aalborg University and member of LeaDS, has in collaboration with Halmstad University (Emma Edstrand), University College Northern Denmark, and University of Stavanger received grants from NordForsk call NOS-HS Exploratory Workshops 2022. The network project is titled Computational Play in Early Childhood Education and Care (Computational Play).

This exploratory workshop project strives for Nordic collaboration to gain a deeper understanding of children’s computational play and in particular how it can facilitate play responsive problem-solving, reasoning, and learning in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). The Nordic collaboration will be organised within three data-driven workshops and webinars carried out between January 2023 and December 2024. Following a design-based methodology, the workshop series will follow a participative co-creation strategy to generate cross-nordic data during the workshop series. The three workshops will have different themes: (1) Computational play, coding and mathematics in ECEC; (2) Toys and computational play; and (3) Computational play and VR. The participants of the workshops constitute a mixed group of researchers, early career researchers, and practitioners (teachers and/or children). This mixture has a cross-disciplinarity value as it can supply with critical and practice-based knowledge exchange in relation to digital technology and computational play in ECEC and thus contribute to developing scientific knowledge as well as practice.