About HOV

The School of Health and Welfare has approximately 120 employees and consists of three departments.

Management, administration and teachers/researchers have offices in the R-building on the campus area. Most of the tuition is also conducted in the R-building, but lectures may also be held in other buildings on the campus area. The Nursing Programme also has tuition and staff located at Campus Varberg.

The School of Health and Welfare has three departments:

  • The Department of Health and Sport
  • The Department of Health and Care
  • The Department of Society and Welfare

The Dean of Faculty is Lena-Karin Erlandsson.

We are innovative social actors for health and welfare.

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Management and administration

Programme directors

Advisory Board


Faculty representatives:

Student representatives:

  • David Olsson
  • Nelly Bårdén
  • Alice Karnhill-Pålsson

Please contact the advisory board secretary Charlotte Andersson for more information.