About DLC

The Digital Laboratory Centre is an important part of Halmstad University’s work with digitalisation and development in education and research.

A black box, which is a room, a podcast studion, on a green floor and a person on her way in through the door

Education, development, research and collaboration

The Digital Laboratory Centre (DLC) is a strong digital environment for education, development, research and collaboration. Here, creative environments combined with the latest digital technology facilitate both the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. The work in the lab adds value and creates to innovation and the development of society.

In the lab, the university and society at large can collaborate in various ways.

Three persons with VR glasses, big space, grey floor

Students, teachers and researchers

DLC is part of the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences. DLC should be part of everyday life for all students, teachers and researchers working, researching and conducting experiments at the school. At the same time, DLC is an important collaboration arena as a laboratory, learning and research environment within the university and for interaction with external parties.

DLC was inaugurated in November 2016.

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Sustainable development

DLC is helping to problematise the effects of digitalisation and individual new technology in order to develop, in a sustainable manner, our education and research and our collaboration with the rest of society. In the lab, the university and society at large can collaborate in various ways. Different actors can explore, develop and learn from one another here whilst critically analysing what is taking place.

Contact DLC

Coordinator for DLC, IKT pedagog: Isabell Larsson

For urgent support:

Check for staff at our office (at DLC)

IT support: 035-16 78 00

Isabell Larsson: 0729-77 37 75

For urgent support after hours

Real estate services: 035-299 10 30

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Use DLC as a student

Here at DLC, there are many ways you as a student can get access to everything the lab has to offer. You can book the pod studio "Poddstudion" yourself. You need help from your teacher to book all other rooms.

Students can use most of the different rooms at DLC when they are not booked. Use your access card to enter!

Here you will find information on how to book rooms and equipment, and how you interact with the different functions of the lab.

Book the pod studio

You book the pod studio through Outlook by following these steps:

  • Log in to Outlook with your HH-account
  • Go to 'Calendar'
  • Create a new event (choose day/time)
  • When choosing a room – search for "DLC_Poddstudion"
  • Save/send the scheduled event
  • Read the confirmation mail
  • If everything worked, then you now have an approved booking of the pod studio

Book equipment

Students and teachers can book equipment – please contact in advance to book equipment. You can use the equipment in the different rooms of DLC without booking it, if the room is not booked by someone else.

Manuals and instructions

There is a binder with manuals and instructions for most of the equipment you can find at DLC. You find the binder on top of the charging cabinet outside 'Hjärnverket'.