Professional development

Do you want to develop? Do it together with us at Halmstad University! We offer courses for professionals within several different fields. Some courses are open or specifically designed while others are available among our regular courses. Choose an area, or combine several in one of our courses.

Education for professionals

Information technology

Koncept för digital teknologi – ettor och nollor i en virtuell stadsmiljö. Illustration.

Entrepreneurship and management

Woman and man in safety vests and helmets are looking at a laptop screen in a manufacturing plant. Photo.

Production and innovation

Koncept för digital teknologi – ettor och nollor i en virtuell stadsmiljö. Illustration.

School and education

Smiling woman standing with her arms folded, a table with people working in front of computers in the background. Photo.

Health and welfare

Två kvinnor i vårdkläder står framför en datorskärm i kontorsmiljö, den ena kvinnan pekar på skärmen. Foto.

Kompa Halland

People in a group chatting, smiling. Photo.

Public administration

People in a group chatting, smiling. Photo.

Other courses for professionals

Education for professionals are aimed at individuals who wish to further train themselves. The courses are built on having a degree and some work experience as a base. They are flexible, with almost all education through distance learning and individual work.

Find your education


The University's comissioned education is handled by the Schools and by HH Innovation AB.

School of Information Technology

Stella Erlandsson
Phone: + 46 35 16 73 89

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Charlotte Berglund
Phone: +46 35 16 77 71

School of Health and Welfare

Jan Karlsson
Phone: + 46 35 16 79 61

School of Business, Innovation and Sustainability

Martin Bergman

HH Innovation AB

Staffan Enting
Phone: +46 72 977 37 80

Quality assurance

All courses are quality assessed in the same way as the University’s other courses and programmes, an example of this is that our School Boards set the course syllabi. All lecturers are very qualified and experts in their field.