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Policy Integration and Transparency Practices in a Digital Era

Welcome to SAYP 2024! Policy Integration and Transparency Practices in a Digital Era is part of The Swedish Institute (SI) Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP). The module is a two-week intense training programme led by researchers and teachers from Halmstad University.

SAYP is developed to build and strengthen participants’ capacity to contribute to change in the organisations they work for. This program offers a transformative two-week learning experience for young policymakers, public servants, and civil society actors from Eastern Partnership countries and the European Union countries Estonia, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

“I would very much recommend the course to anyone interested in exploring the Swedish way of thinking, operating and implementing."

Snežana Pantelić, SAYP alumni

Programme overview

The Policy Integration and Transparency Practices in a Digital Era module provides early and mid-career professionals with a comprehensive understanding of strategic and inclusive policy integration in contemporary governance. The emphasis of the programme is on challenges related to cross-sectoral policy coordination and the sharing of data in a rapidly changing technological environment. It responds to the needs of public and civil society organizations to implement horizontal governance models that require monitoring and promoting strategic topics such as sustainability, human rights, and gender equality while adhering to high standards of information/data sharing.

Persons, one with a bicyle, walking over a bridge. Photo.

Halmstad city centre. Photo: Dan Bergmark

Key highlights

  • Interactive learning: engage in stimulating discussions, workshops, and case studies focused on key topics such as collaborative governance principles, public leadership styles, digitalisation in public administration, understanding corruption and its impact, and leveraging e-governance for enhanced transparency.
  • Exploring digital transformation: delve into the latest trends and technologies shaping digital transformation in public administration. Explore topics such as harnessing technology for public administration, evaluating digital anti-corruption tools and developing digital transparency strategies.
  • Fostering collaboration: learn about the importance of cross-sector collaboration and conflict resolution in governance processes. Understand how collaborative governance can bridge bureaucratic, market, and network-based approaches to achieve more effective outcomes.

Benefits of participation

    • Professional development: enhance your leadership abilities, gain practical insights into collaborative governance practices, and learn to leverage digital tools for enhanced transparency and accountability.
    • Global perspective: gain a deeper understanding of regional and global governance issues, exchange ideas with peers from diverse backgrounds, and explore innovative approaches to address shared challenges.

Apply now

Do not miss this opportunity to be part of SAYP 2024 and take your leadership skills to the next level. Apply now and join us Halmstad University for a transformative journey that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to drive positive change in your region.

Note: SAYP covers all expenses for the on-site week in Sweden, including travel, accommodation, meals, and local transportation.

Apply before 12 April and embark on a rewarding learning experience with SAYP 2024!

Who can apply?

You can apply to SAYP if you:

  • Are a citizen of and currently working in one of the following countries: Armenia, Azerbajdzjan, Belarus*, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Moldova, Poland or Ukraine (*restrictions apply).
  • Have good command of the English language.
  • Have a relevant higher education (at least three years).
  • 40 years or younger (born 1984–1999).

Employed in one of the following groups:

  1. Policymakers (politicians, government officials, employees of political parties)
  2. Public servants (non-political civil servants working at public organisations)
  3. Civil society workers (CSO/NGO employees)
  4. Leaders within the private sector

How to apply


The application period is open 27 February–12 April, 2024.

Forms and address

Apply by filling in the following four documents:

Submit to e-mail:

You can only be admitted to one programme within SAYP

Please note, that there are different programmes at different universities within SAYP. You can apply to more than one. However, it is recommended that you apply to a maximum of two programmes/universities. You can only be admitted to one.

Programme: Policy Integration and Transparency Practices in a Digital Era


The module will take place online between 19 August and 23 August, 2024, and on site at Halmstad University between 9 September and 13 September, 2024.


During the online week, each day include 3.5 hours of in-class time, generally held in the afternoon, with possibilities for follow-ups in small groups during the evening or the next morning.

During the on-site week, days are generally fully scheduled with class discussions, study visits and group work on the premises of the University.

A series of guest speakers will add to the applied perspectives.

The course ends with a final concluding session where experiences are connected and forms for future contacts established.

Group of young professionals visiting campus. Photo.

Participants last year in "Collaborative Governance in a Digital Era". Photo: Dan Bergmark

"Lecturers from Halmstad University have been very dedicated and open in sharing their experiences. I really appreciated discussions on updated topics and project preparation with the group."

Zelfije Osmani, SAYP alumni