On this page you can find information about scholarships available for international students and exchange students.

Scholarships for international students

Applicants to Master's programme studies at Halmstad University you have the opportunity to apply for two different scholarships, one offered by Halmstad University and one offered by the Swedish Institute.

Halmstad University scholarships

Each year Halmstad University offers a number of scholarships to students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland with the requirement to pay tuition fee. These scholarships may be granted to students within any field of study applying to our Master’s programmes at Halmstad University.

The Halmstad University Scholarship covers 25% or 50% of the tuition fee and will be deducted from the tuition fee. The scholarship will not cover living costs and there are no grants for family members.

The application for studies starting autumn 2024 is closed. Rewarded students have been notified via email.

How to apply for a scholarship at Halmstad University

  • Apply for one of our Master’s programmes at University Admissions and pay the application fee.
  • Applicants who have applied on time (15 January) and are processed as qualified on 4 March receive an email with a link to the online application form.
  • Fill in the online scholarship application form. Please note that you will need to provide the application number you will receive from University Admissions.
  • The committee will award scholarships based on students academic merits (GPA but also ranking of the previous university and proficiency in English). No consideration will be taken to work experience or student's financial situation.
  • Applicants with a Halmstad University programme as their first priority in the application will be prioritised in the nomination.
  • Halmstad University strives for diversity and applicants from countries with few applicants will be prioritised.
  • Halmstad University will notify the recipients of scholarships by email after the first Notification of Selection Results in the middle of March.
  • Recipients will receive a Scholarship nomination letter and an invoice with the deducted scholarship amount. The scholarship must be accepted or declined by the deadline stated in the nomination letter.
  • Students who are not offered a scholarship will not be notified individually. If you receive an invoice with the full tuition fee amount, you have not been awarded a scholarship.

The application period for scholarships for studies starting autumn 2024 was between March 8 and March 15. Halmstad University have notified the recipients of scholarships by email.

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To be eligible for an Erasmus scholarship you have to:

  • be a citizen of one of the countries participating in Erasmus.
  • be a registered student at a university.
  • have been studying for one year (not for traineeship) before the mobility takes place.

Your current university also needs to have a partnership with Halmstad University (not for traineeship) and has to be a part of Erasmus by holding the Erasmus University Charter.