The city of Halmstad

Halmstad is a big little city. It combines the best qualities of a small town with the vibrance of a bigger city. You can enjoy a balanced lifestyle with a mix of concerts and sport events with relaxation in untouched nature.

One of the benefits of studying in Halmstad is the closeness between campus, the city centre and beautiful nature, which makes it easy to spend time together and discovering the surroundings.

A group of people sitting on a beach, looking towards the ocean. Photo.

Halmstad is surrounded by 22 beaches where one of them, Tylösand, is considered to be one of the best beaches in the country.

Close to nature

In Halmstad you are always close to beautiful nature. Wherever you are in the city you can easily access a deep forest, a calm lake or a coastal beach within 20 minutes. There are several nature reserves around the municipality, offering hiking trails and barbeque spots which are free for anyone to use. One of the most popular nature areas in the city centre is Galgberget – a beech forest up on a hill with great views over the city.

The historic city centre

When you stroll along the streets of Halmstad you constantly get reminded of history and the various events that has taken place in the city. Up until the 17th centrury, this part of Sweden belonged to Denmark which is visible in the architecture of certain buildings. The houses along some of the narrow streets are a few of those which remain after the great city fires of 1619. Make sure to make a stop at the majestic castle by the river Nissan the north gate of the old fortress walls.

A group of students walking down a street, laughing. Photo.

Explore the historic centre of Halmstad.

A bike-friendly city

Exploring the city and its surroundings by bike is recommended! There is no need to commute by car or public transport in Halmstad, as you can easily get around town on a bicycle. Actually, Halmstad is one of the top bike cities in Sweden, with well-maintained bike paths both in the city and on the countryside.

A young woman biking on a bridge with a modern building and a river in the background. Photo.

Halmstad is a very bike-friendly city, and you can easily get around town on two wheels.

A wide range of cultural experiences

Halmstad offers a flourishing cultural scene where you can enjoy both fine art galleries, live music at several venues, movies at the cinema and dramatic plays and stand-up comedy at the theatre. Some of the most iconic buildings in the city is the regional museum and the city library. There are several cultural festivals organised on a yearly basis, for example the street theatre festival.

The city of sports

Whether you would like to be active yourself or prefer to sit in the audience, Halmstad is a city where sports always is present. The city is especially known to for its 12 golf courses, but also have several high level sport teams within soccer, handball and floorball. The location on the windy west coast also makes up for perfect conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing.