New Google film about an innovation project developed at Health Technology Centre Halland

Every three seconds someone develops dementia. Today, on World Alzheimer's Day, Google releases a film about Bike Around, a regional project developed at Health Technology Centre Halland. Bike Around is a training cycle where dementia patients can go on a virtual ride with Google Street View projected on a big screen.

”It is absolutely amazing that the project gets so much attention. It's not easy to develop new products for dementia patients, so I hope this film leads to more people getting a chance to try Bike Around”, says Anne-Christine Hertz, Manager at Health Technology Centre Halland.

Blog post and film by Google

Together with the film Google also publish a blog post written by Anne-Christine Hertz where she writes:

”I have always looked at digitization and technology as a catalyst to open up the world not just to the tech savvy, but also to the elderly, who often live in digital exclusion. We’re excited about having found a way to bring happiness to many people living with dementia and their relatives."

Text: Tove Nordéen
Film: Google

An elderly woman is sitting on an exercise bike in front of a curved screen showing a view of the outside, two other women are standing next to her.



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