Business Models for Information-driven Healthcare Ecosystems – BINECO

While digitalization in healthcare has been proven very helpful for managing varied and complex information and improving the quality of healthcare delivery, healthcare organizations often struggle in maximizing the possibilities that digital solutions offer, and its applications still underestimated. A key reason includes unclear strategies on how to shape their business models to allow the use of information and communication technology to create and capture value.

This project aims to fill this gap and investigate the evolution of information-driven digital business ecosystems in healthcare.

Furthermore, as healthcare industry involves multi-stakeholder networks which interact and cocreate value in a complex ecosystem, digital solutions may also reconfigure the network and affect the way on how the stakeholders interact and collaborate. Therefore, the success of digitalization in healthcare ecosystems also depends on the collaborators’ business models.

This project aims to fill this gap and investigate the evolution of information-driven digital business ecosystems in healthcare with the purpose of co-creating a framework to assist healthcare firms to integrate digital solutions for hospital-acquired infection prevention into their business models. Therefore, the following research questions are defined:

  1. How does digitalization affect the business models of firms in the healthcare sector?
  2. What characterizes information-driven digital business ecosystem in healthcare?

To answer these questions, we draw on related literature on digitalization in healthcare, healthcare ecosystems, and business model innovation (BMI) focusing on the complementarities among the products and services.

The aim of the co-production with firms is to assist in identifying business models, opportunities, and barriers in co-creating information-driven healthcare ecosystems based on digital solutions and finding ways to create partnerships relative to new or changing capability requirements.

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About the project

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Henrik Barth, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Organization

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The project is funded by the KK-foundation.