FORMILL – new revolutionary biomaterial from waste material with unique scale-up process

This project focuses on the urgent need to replace fossil materials. The project examines the possibility of increasing the added value of biomass by scaling up the production of products from the newly developed bio-based material Formill.

The material is extracted from waste material from edible mushroom production in a type of material composition that uses mushroom mycelium as a binder.

The purpose of the project is to:

  • further develop the process for material production,
  • develop and establish a unique scale-up process in the form of a beehive model of manufacturers in the material (called ”Formillers”), as well as
  • gradually develop skills in beehive production according to the ”teaching the teachers” strategy.

The goal is to create a network of licensed Formillers who can manufacture products in the material Formill in order to increase the added value of the biomass and thus contribute to a bio-based society. The project is expected to lead to an established access to bio-based raw material, a circular logistics setup, developed and validated production process for Formill, material patent, concept for training and certification of Formillers, license agreement designed for licensed manufacturers, design and production manual, sustainability declaration for Formill, and learning manual for companies that want to work with sustainable product development – based on the project’s follow-up research, as well as test sales of the first developed products to end customers.

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  • Formsson AB
  • Loop Factory

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