Loan regulations

By creating your library account you agree upon the terms and conditions of Halmstad University Library.


Halmstad University Library is open to the public.

Details of opening hours, address, contact information, fees and regulations are displayed in the library and on the library website.

When applying for a library card, users must agree to abide by the rules of the library.

Electronic media

Visitors are welcome to use all of the library’s electronic media, such as databases and electronic journals.

Users are obliged to respect the licensing terms. Printouts and downloads of articles from periodicals and other sources are allowed for personal, non-commercial, study and research purposes only.

Computers and group rooms

The library’s public computers and group study rooms are primarily intended for students and researchers. In order to book a room you must be registered as a student or employee of Halmstad University. One person is allowed to book a room for a maximum of two hours per day.

Library card

The library card should be treated as a valuable document and the holder is responsible for ensuring that it is not used by an unauthorised person. If the card is lost, stolen or otherwise mislaid, the library must be notified at once so that its unauthorised use can be blocked.

Library card holders must inform the library of any address changes, including change of e-mail address, alternatively make the updates themselves via the library website.

The library card holder is responsible for all use of the card.

The card holder is obliged to be updated of these service regulations.

Processing of personal data

Your personal data is handled by Ex Libris, the provider of the library search- and loan system. They may be transferred to Libris and other libraries in connection with interlibrary loan requests, or to collection agencies in case of claims.

We collect or register your personal data in the library loan system, in order to facilitate loans, reservations and requests. We record the following information: name, social security number (personnummer), address, telephone number and email address.

You can update some information by logging in to your account on the web.

We will store your personal data as long as you are an active patron, meaning as long as you are active at Halmstad University or have active loans. Your account will be purged after two years.

The account can also be terminated upon request, provided that no loans or fees are registered.

Loan periods

The loan period for course books is 14 days and other books 28 days. The library card holder is fully responsible for the loans until they are returned to the library.

A loan will be automatically renewed for up to 6 months if there is no reservation. After that, you need to return the book and borrow the book again.

It is possible to make reservations of materials on loan.

Reserved literature must be collected within 5 days from the library sending a notice of availablity.


The library is not obligated to send out reminders, but only does this as a service.

Reminders are sent by e-mail two days before the material is due to be returned if the borrower has supplied an e-mail address to the library.

Overdue notices

Overdue notices are sent out the day after the loan period expires.

After one week a new notice is sent out.

If the loan is not renewed or returned within a week after this, the borrower will not be able to make new loans until the loan is returned and the fines are paid.

Fees & Fines

If a course book is not returned within the loan period a fine of 20 SEK/DAY/BOOK (max 100 SEK) is charged. Other books are 30 SEK/BOOK in conjunction with the second overdue notice. A debt of 100 SEK or more will block the patron from borrowing.

If the material is not returned, an invoice will be sent to the borrower for the amount of minimum 400 SEK plus an administrative fee of 150 SEK. If the purchase cost of the book exceeds 400 SEK, you will be charged the purchase cost. Please contact us if you want to know the exact cost of a book before an invoice is sent out.

The administrative fee must be paid even if the material is returned to the library.

The user is liable for the cost of repairing damage to material on loan. Writing or underlining in books is not permitted. Damaged materials will remain the property of the library even after payment.

Users are charged according to the library’s evaluation.

Reference books and other materials not for loan

Reference books, newspapers and journals are not for loan and must be studied in the library during opening hours. The books in the ”Hallands­samlingen” are not for loan.

Interlibrary loans

To order materials from other libraries, special rules apply. The library offers interlibrary loans to students, researchers, employees at Halmstad University and students at other Swedish universities. The public is directed to the nearest public library.

Talking books

For talking books, special rules apply.

Information about talking books