Group study rooms and reading areas

Booking rules

  • The rooms are only allowed for group study activities.
  • If you will not use your booked room, you should cancel the booking.
  • If a group is not using the room within 10 minutes after booked time begins, the booking is forfeit and other students are free to use the room.
  • The rooms can be booked up to seven days in advance.
  • Each student can book for maximum two hours per day.
  • Cooked food are not allowed in the group rooms nor in the library.

Find reading areas

The second floor of the library has many tables and booths for studying. Please be considerate in this open area and keep your voices at a low level.

Quiet reading room

The Hallandica Room on the second floor is also used as a quiet reading room, with the exception if anyone needs to access the halland collection itself, necessary conversation is allowed. Apart from that, this room should be completely silent.