IDC visits Global Conference on Person-Centred Care (GCPCC)

Researchers from the research programme IDC - Information Driven Care participates and contributes at the Global Conference on Person-Centred Care (GCPCC.

Presentations from IDC at the conference:

The use of artificial intelligence in mental health to support decision making - A scoping review by Auf, Nair, Svedberg, Nygren and Lundgren

Nudging Child Participation in Care through Norm-creative Technology by Teleman, Isaksson, Nygren and Svedberg.

Tools and Norm Critical Aspects in Participatory Health Research and Design involving Marginalized Youth: A Scoping Review by Teleman, Isaksson, Nygren and Svedberg.

Person-centred care and information driven care: finding common ground by Siira, Wolf, Nygren and Svedberg.

Understanding the Patient Journey to improve Person-Centered Wound Care by Gustafsson, Ohlsson, Larsson, Lundström and Ahlberg.

Person-centred care and preferred outcomes in early rheumatoid arthritis the patients perspective by Landgren, Mogard, Bremander, Lindqvist and Larsson.

Healthcare Professionals Perspective of Person-Centred Wound Treatment: A Qualitative Study by Irestig, Tyskbo, Larsson, Svedberg and Siira.

Treating the Disease and Meeting the Person with the Illness - Patient Perspectives of Needs During Infective Endocarditis A Qualitative Study by Lindberg, Rasmussen and Larsson.

Global Conference on Person-Centred Care provides an arena for diverse people with an interest in furthering person-centred care practice, innovations, perspectives, and knowledges.