IDC – Information Driven Care

Healthcare is facing extensive challenges – an aging population, various chronic diseases, pandemics, changing patient expectations and limited resources. Information driven care addresses some of these challenges through a shift towards more proactive, predictive, accurate, participatory, innovative and democratised healthcare.

The programme takes a broad approach to examine and develop information driven care solutions in healthcare, including for example decision support systems in clinical practice.

The programme takes a broad approach to develop and research information driven care solutions, for example decision support systems in clinical practice. This will require building up knowledge about the whole healthcare innovation chain, from formulating and prioritizing questions, to data collection, to algorithms, to engagement, to explainability, to innovation, diffusion, and implementation in practice. The programme has a multidisciplinary approach and addresses challenges related to the complexity of developing information driven healthcare solutions, particularly in terms of AI systems, data, implementation and innovation challenges.

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Researchers from IDC participates and contributes at Vitalis External link. on May 13–16 and on and Global Conference on Person-Centred Care (GCPCC) External link. on May 14–16.

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