PadAI – AI for better mental health in young people

Research shows that young people and young adults with mental illness do not have access to or do not receive satisfactory and effective support measures when they seek help for their problems. To promote young adults' mental health and prevent ill-health, a joint research project has been initiated by Region Halland and Halmstad University.

PadAI stands for Patricipatory and Information Driven Anxiety/Depression Healthcare Journeys of Young Adults. The purpose of the project is to develop knowledge and strategies for a coherent, good and close care for the target group of young adults with mental illness. The project aims to explore:

  • what unique needs, goals, challenges, preferences and starting points exist in relation to help-seekers for mental illness in the target group of young adults and in professionals within the respective activities,
  • which factors and aspects should be identified and highlighted in a knowledge base on evidence-based and cost-effective interventions for the target group,
  • what structural conditions and contextual factors exist within the various operations which need to be taken into account in the continued strategic improvement work for a coherent good and close care for the target group,
  • which attitudes, perspectives and structural and contextual factors and conditions need to be clarified in relation to the use of AI technology as decision support to change and improve care,
  • how stakeholders can be engaged in a systematic approach to enable and strengthen quality improvement projects with the goal of developing and implementing sustainable improvements for a coherent good and close care for the target group,
  • how has the implemented intervention contributed to change at the individual, staff and operational level and which contextual factors have influenced implementation and outcomes

About the project

Project period

  • 2020–2025

Project leader

Other participating researchers

Collaboration partners

  • Capio Healthcare
  • Region Halland


  • Vinnova
  • The Knowledge Foundation