Framework development for AI implementation in healthcare

The project aims to create a framework to support implementation of AI- applications in healthcare settings. The framework will help healthcare organizations to plan and prepare for AI implementations to ensure their sustainable adoption in everyday practice, and eventually to achieve better patient outcomes.

The framework is developed through scientific research in the form of case studies, stakeholder interviews, and literature reviews under the umbrella of the CAISR Health research program. To further improve, the draft framework shall be consulted with the industry professionals. Lastly, the framework shall be tested in real-life settings.

About the project

Project period

  • 2020–2025

Project leader

  • Jens Nygren, Professor
  • Petra Svedberg, Professor

Other participating researchers

  • Monika Nair, Postdoctoral Position
  • Per Nilsen, Visiting Professor
  • Margit Neher, Visiting Senior Lecturer
  • Julie Reed, Visiting Professor
  • Ingrid Larsson, Senior Lecturer
  • Lena Petersson, Senior Lecturer


  • The Knowledge foundation
  • Vinnova


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