Healthcare improvement research group

The research focuses on questions about how health innovations, in the form of interventions supported by digital services and health data analysis, can be developed, implemented and evaluated to provide healthcare organisations with knowledge and support to achieve high quality care and improved health outcomes for particular groups.

The research group examines what works, for whom and under what circumstances, and how health interventions can be adapted and scaled up in ways that improve quality and effectiveness. The research questions focus on how the introduction and use of technology is transforming work practices, how it changes the relationships and boundaries among professionals, how work tasks and expertise is coordinated, and how value is created in relation to stakeholder needs. A variety of factors are investigated, including the characteristics of interventions, the individual, organisational and contextual aspects of the implementation process and the strategies and factors associated with implementation outcomes. User perspectives are strongly emphasised in the research to achieve high quality that meet the needs and preferences of all stakeholders. The research contributes to theory, evidence and translation of knowledge in practice to improve healthcare.



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