Test Bed Sweden for Precision Health in Cancer

This is a national innovation environment for scientific evaluation and implementation of precision health in cancer established based on the performance of clinical trial pilots. 


In Sweden, about 65.000 adults and 350 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. The progress now being made in precision medicin has led us into a new era that fundamentally affects healthcare. Progress is due to rapid development in several important research and technology areas that are groundbreaking in themselves, but which also coincide in time and can be combined. These include molecular biology, genetic sequencing technologies, high-resolution imaging techniques, immunotherapy, gene therapies, precision treatments in surgery and radiotherapy, biosensors, the possibility of connection and transmission of large amounts of data, and the use of artificial intelligence. 

Sweden, with a strong acumen in investing in equitable healthcare, research, and innovation, is in a unique position to maximising this potential of new technologies with scientific and clinical progress. Sweden has the necessary prerequisites: world-class research and research infrastructure, a health care system of high international standard, competitive industry, and world-leading innovation. What we need now is to strengthen our national and international cooperation across disciplines and sectors. 

The partners listed below are all active in various areas of relevance for the development of precision health in cancer within our innovation environment and will provide key expertise, knowledge, and contacts to allow for expected progress and results. 

About the project

Project period:

October 2021 – September 2026


  • Vinnova

Involved partners:

  • Vision Zero Cancer, chaired by the National Cancer Coordinator at RCC, coordinated by Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research, SIR. 
  • Regional Cancer Centres, RCC. 
  • Genomic Medicine Sweden, GMS, coordinated by Region Skåne
  • The MEGALIT consortium, coordinated by Region Uppsala and Uppsala University Hospital. 
  • SciLifeLab Clinical Genomics Platform, coordinated by Uppsala University and Lund University. 
  • Swedish Medical Products Agency, MPA. 
  • The Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, TLV. 
  • Stockholm School of Economics, SSE. 
  • The Swedish Institute for Health Economics, IHE. 
  • Halmstad University, Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (CAISR) and Health Data Centre (HDC). 
  • Network Against Cancer, Swedish umbrella organisation for patient associations 
  • Lung Cancer Association. 
  • LIF, Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry. 
  • ASCRO, The Association of CROs Active in Sweden. 
  • Swedish Medtech, Swedish Association of the Medical Technology Industry.