Together we create the future

Do you want to study a Master's Programme in Sweden?

Here are a few reasons why Halmstad University might be the right study destination for you!

Different perspectives meet

At Halmstad University, we believe that bringing people from different backgrounds together leads to innovative results. When an engineering student works on a task together with a business student, their different points of view will lead to a more creative solution to the problem. That's why we offer several Master programmes where you combine studies in various subjects.

New teaching methods

We are a young university with the aim to prepare our students for the future. If you choose to study with us, you will receive a modern education, characterised by creativity, gender equality, non-hierarchy and new teaching methods. Our lecturers dare to think outside the box and will encourage you to engage and question the topics you are studying.

Innovative environments

Sweden is ranked one of the most innovative countries in the world and at Halmstad University we place extra emphasis on creating innovative study environments where you are allowed to grow and thrive. As a student you have access to several high-technology labs where you can get inspired and put your ideas into reality.

Collaboration is key

During your education, you will get the opportunity to collaborate with companies and organisations related to your studies and take part in the development of our society. These collaboration projects enable you to build a professional network that is useful for your future career. Together we create the future!

Let's hear what the students have to say

Meet our students Mortada, Fujan, Hanna, Jakob and Joel as they are answering questions about their studies and student life at Halmstad University. They will also take you on a guided campus tour to show you some of their favourite locations to study.

Take a ride over campus

Join us on a guided campus tour from above and find out what you can expect when arriving at Halmstad University.

Contact us

Send us an email if you have any questions regarding the admissions process or if you need advice regarding the programmes and courses we offer.