NHPRC Friday June 16 Programme

Please find the NHPRC programme for Friday, June 16, 2023, below. Use the links to find the Wednesday and Thursday programmes.

09.00–10.10: Oral session 5

During Oral session 5, there are four parallel sessions based on the conference’s main themes. Please click on the plus symbol to see the themes, speakers and locations.

The time frame for each oral presentation is a total of 20 minutes, which includes 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Count with approximately 1–2 minutes break between presentations.

E-health and the implementation of digital innovations for health promotion


  • IDEAHL - Best practices for Digital Health Literacy interventions, a review study, Charlotte Brun Thorup, University Collage Northern Denmark
  • Expected values of implementing AI in healthcare – A Qualitative study, Lena Petersson, Halmstad University
  • Developing an impact model for a digital health promotion and prevention platform, Ludwig Grillich, University for Continuing Education Krems

Sustainable health in physical activity and sport

Main focus on exercise and physical activity, S1022

  • Cost-effectiveness of physical activity interventions for elderly with vision-related disease, Pia Johansson, Halmstad University
  • Activity-friendly neighborhoods: built environment characteristics in relation to physical activity and the moderating role of perceived safety, Emma Charlott Nordbø, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Equality and Equity in Theory and Practice. Combining a Scoping Review with Practitioners’ insights into Interventions Promoting Access to Leisure Time Physical Activity for Children and Youth, Rikke Hjort, Aalborg University

Physical activities and schools, S1080

  • FALK, a method to increase physical activity in school, Thomas Ljung, Mälardalen University
  • Success factors for a physical literacy initiative in a Swedish upper secondary school for pupils with disabilities, Åsa Bringsén, Kristianstad University
  • Adapted physical activity - Collaboration and innovation for increased participation and accessibility in the subject of Physical Education, Lars Kristén, Halmstad University

10.30–11.00: Coffee break, Lab city

Enjoy a Swedish fika and explore the campus.

11.00–11.45: Keynote speaker Professor Sir Michael Marmot, S1002

The Health Gap

The challenge of an unequal world – and what efforts must be made to maintain sustainability beyond the UN 2030 Agenda?

Sir Michael Marmot is a Professor of Epidemiology at University College London, UK.

He will participate in the conference from London.

11.50–12.30: Panel debate with Nordic speakers and Moderator Charli Eriksson, Professor Emeritus, S1002

Charli Eriksson is Professor Emeritus of Public Health Science and Visiting Research Fellow at Karolinska Institute, Sweden. The Nordic speakers are Karoliina Kaasalainen, Sami Kokko, Terje Andreas Eikemo, Henriette Langstrup, and Ellen Merethe Melingen Haug.

12.35–12.45: Presentation of the winner of the PhD Poster Competition, S1002

Find out who the winner of the PhD student poster competition is!

12.45–13.00: Closing remarks, S1002

Closing remarks, and announcement of the host for the upcoming 11th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference.

Halmstad University:
Eva-Carin Lindgren, Professor & Head of Organising Committee
Malin Hallén, Deputy Vice-Chancellor with specific responsibility for education, quality and sustainability

NHPRN – Forum for Nordic Health Promotion Research Network:
Steffen Torp, Professor, University of South-Eastern Norway
Bo Haglund, Professor, Karolinska Institutet