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Apply as exchange student

On this page you can find information on how to apply for studies at Halmstad University if you are an exchange student coming to Halmstad University within an exchange agreement.

Application is open during the following periods:

Spring 2024 (for studies starting autumn 2024): March 15–April 15

Autumn 2024 (For studies starting spring 2025): September 15–October 15

Instructions on how to apply:

1. Choose your courses and plan your studies

Look through the exchange courses offered at Halmstad University.

Courses for exchange students

On each course page, there is a dropdown list on the right, where you can click on "Show education info". Have a look there to get more information about study level, entry requirements and start week of each course.

  • Please read the requirements carefully before selecting your course and make sure that you fulfil the requirements.
  • One semester is normally divided into two study periods which last for 8-9 weeks each, so please check the start date to understand in which study period the course is taking place.

2. How to combine courses

  • Make sure to choose courses covering both study periods.
  • The total study load should add up to 30 credits per semester.
  • Combine your courses in such a way that you stay as close as possible to a total of 100% study load per study period.
  • To avoid schedule collisions, try to keep your choice of courses within your study field or try to select courses that's covering both study periods to get a balanced workload
  • Students should preferably apply for 6 courses in order of preference.
  • Discuss your course selection with your home university and have them approved. This is important so that you can transfer the credits to your home university.

Please note that here is no guarantee that you can change courses at a later stage and that there is no add and drop period at Halmstad University. Therefore it is important that you choose your courses carefully.

3. Prepare your papers

Make sure to have all required documents ready to be uploaded. The coordinator at your home university needs to sign the confirmation of nomination which later needs to be uploaded online.

Confirmation of Nomination Pdf, 51.5 kB, opens in new window.

4. Online application 1 – Local system, Moveon

In order to apply for your exchange studies you need to create an account in the digital portal Moveon. Instructions on how to fill out the application will be available in Moveon when the regsitration period is open. The signed copy of the confirmation of nomination should be uploaded during the application process.

If you are going to stay in Halmstad for one year, make sure to mark this clearly in the application in Moveon. You will not be able to select courses for one year at University Admissions, you have to apply for the courses for the second semester at a later stage.

Once you have finalised your application you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received and a link to use for selecting course. You will also receive information regarding how to apply through our national system University Admissions (see step 5).

Apply via MoveOn External link.

5. Online application 2 – National system, University Admissions

Once you have completed step 4 and received the direct link for course selection at you can start your application at University Admissions. Please note that you must log in via the link in the email to start the process.

  • Select and submit your chosen courses.
    If you want to change your selection of courses before the deadline you have to use the link from the email again.
  • Create an account.
    It is important that you regularly check the email address that you signed up with when creating an account at University Admissions. We will communicate with you through that email address.

After you have submitted your course selection, please upload the documents listed below.

  • Transcript of Records in English language
  • Confirmation of Nomination (signed by your home University)
  • Identification documentation (passport)

You do not have to upload any other documents even though additional documents may be listed on University Admissions:

You can follow the status of your application on your account at University Admissions. Please note that all applications will have the status "UNQUALIFIED" until processed.

If Halmstad University is not notified beforehand, late applications will not be processed. If you have problems with your application contact us via below email address.

6. Admission letter

When the admission results are finalised, you will be able to download your admissions letter (Notification of Selection Results) through your account at University Admissions.

Learn more about the admissions letter Opens in new window.

7. Welcome email

If you are admitted to Halmstad University you will receive an email from us with more information on which steps to follow in order to start your studies.

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