Apply as international student

On this page you can find information on how to apply for studies at Halmstad University if you are an international student.

Step-by-step application guide:

1. Find a suitable course or programme

You can find detailed information about the courses and programmes offered at Halmstad University via below link. At each course/programme page you can find the specific application deadline together with a direct link to University Admissions webpage where you can apply (see step 2).

Find your education

2. Apply through University Admissions within the application period

To be apple to make an application for studies in at Halmstad University you need to create an account at University Admissions from which you will submit your application and upload your documents. If you are a student from a country outside of EU, EEA and Switzerland, you have to pay an application fee of 900 SEK. The application fee is a non-refundable administrative fee.

Remember to apply before the application deadline. Applications submitted on time will be prioritised in the selection process. Any applications submitted after the deadline are defined as a late application and handled accordingly. When the courses and programmes are closed for application, late applications will not be processed.

University Admissions External link.

Key dates and deadlines External link.

3. Submit your documents

Most countries have special instructions for the submission of qualification documents. Make sure to check any special instructions for your country of study, such as whether you can upload your documents or must send them in via regular post, and what types of qualifications are accepted. Stay updated via University Admissions to make sure that you submit your documents on time.

Documenting your eligibility External link.

Country specific entry requirements External link.

Key dates and deadlines External link.

5. Admission letter (Notification of Selection Results)

When the application period is closed, you will find your admission letter (Notification of Selection Results) on the University Admissions webpage. Depending on the information in the document, different actions need to be taken.

Admission letter

6. Welcome email

When admitted to Halmstad University, you will receive an email from us with information on the next steps before starting your studies.

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