Design for Extended Realities

3 credits

The course consists of three parts that introduce and explore the design of extended realities along different axes: a framing perspective, illustrating what XR is, how it has evolved, and how designing XR differs from traditional digital design practices; a methodological perspective, detailing those XR-specific theory and methods that address XR design issues; and a practical perspective, exploring best practices and concrete design activities through direct application of these to a case.
Each part consists of lectures, readings, supervision, and an assignment centered on the specific topics discussed in the part of the course.
Assignments are carried out by students individually and will be peer-reviewed first and then discussed with the teachers and the class using a design critique approach.

Autumn 2022 (Distance (Internet), Varied, 12%)


Advanced level

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Entry requirements:

Degree of Bachelor or Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering or the equivalent of 180 Swedish credit points or 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university. Applicants must have written and verbal command of the English language equivalent to English course 6 in Swedish Upper-Secondary School.

Selection rules:

Credits: 100%

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week: 44

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Instructional time:

Various times

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Teaching is in English.

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