Gold shimmer at Halmstad University’s 40th anniversary

Yesterday was the starting point of Halmstad University’s 40th anniversary, with cake, golden confetti, looking back and to the future. Many students and employees gathered in the S building to inaugurate the anniversary, which will take place throughout the year.

“As a 40 years young University, we want to challenge traditions and renew the academic approach, to remain relevant and attractive to students, partners and the society.”

Stephen Hwang, Vice-Chancellor

“We have made a great career. A lot has happened at Halmstad University in 40 years. We only had a few programmes and courses, 540 students and about 60 employees when we started. Today we are a flourishing national and international institution with 12 000 students with employees and students from all over the world. We have a range of different programmes and important research at the forefront”, said Vice-Chancellor, Stephen Hwang.

Man is standing with a piece of paper on a balcony talking. Photo.

Vice-Chancellor Stephen Hwang declares the University’s 40th anniversary inaugurated.

The anniversary is celebrated all year

Many, both employees and students, came to the S building to take part of the inauguration mingle, surrounded with flags, balloons, and anniversary decorations. Event-coordinator Sofia Ryan Hägerling talked about how the anniversary will be celebrated during the year:

“There will be anniversary lectures, art walks and an anniversary party for the University staff. The idea is to put a ’golden shimmer’ on all the unusual number of events, conferences, and meetings at the University throughout the year. For example, one can use the anniversary symbol, the anniversary cake and the anniversary film especially made for the anniversary. There is also a new photo wall with the anniversary symbol as background one can use to take selfies. We also have new merchandise with a special anniversary touch.”

Three people are being photographed in front of a photo wall by a person with a cap. Photo.

Morgan Ljungkvist took a photo of the Student Union's Victoria Gerelius, Johanna Sjögren Eliasson and Jonathan Jaginder by the University’s photo wall.