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Professor’s portrait: Göran Sahlén has studied dragonflies for 40 years

Ever since Göran Sahlén was eight years old, insects have been his great interest – especially dragonflies. For 40 years, he has followed the development of nature with a focus on dragonflies. His driving force is to find out how species communities react when the environment and climate are affected. What changes are the results of human activities and what are completely normal changes? In this film, Göran Sahlén, new Professor of Biology specialising in Zoology at Halmstad University, talks about his research.

About Göran Sahlén

Göran Sahlén studied natural sciences at upper-secondary level. He then studied Biology at Uppsala University, graduating in 1987, followed by doctoral studies in Entomology at the same university. In 1995 he defended his thesis ”The Insect eggshell – ultrastructure, organization and adaptive traits in Odonata and Diptera”. Göran Sahlén became an associate professor in 2005 and a Professor of Biology specialising in Zoology at Halmstad University in 2023.

Portrait of a man looing into the camera. Photo

Film: Ida Fridvall and Hilda Liberg
Picture Dan Bergmark