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Long-term commitment to collaboration awarded with the Prize for Collaboration and Innovation

For the seventh time, the Prize for Collaboration and Innovation was awarded during the Academic Ceremony at Halmstad University. This year, the prize went to Magnus Clarin and Stella Erlandsson, who successfully have developed and changed the collaborative work at the University in various ways.

Magnus Clarin, Research and Education Manager at Region Halland and Project Manager at the University, has for a long time worked on developing the healthcare organisation of the future, where he has had a strong focus on collaboration and innovation.

“It’s a lot about trying to get all the different parts – business, academia and the public sector – to understand each other and to find what jointly creates added value. It is both about understanding the substantive issues and that the individuals who will work together have an understanding and trust in each other,” says Magnus Clarin.

Among other things, Magnus Clarin has been in charge of the former Hälsoteknikcentrum, now Leap for Life, where he led development projects in collaboration with the University and private and public actors. During his time as Dean at the School of Information Technology, Magnus Clarin paved the way for the long-term investment in the research project CAISR Health and the research programme IDC – Information Driven Care.

“Magnus Clarin has had a crucial significance for the successful collaboration that the University has built within health technology and health innovation together with regions, municipalities and businesses, both nationally and internationally,” says Anders Nelson, Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor with specific responsibility for collaboration, internationalisation and innovation.

Stella Erlandsson, Collaboration Coordinator at the School of Information Technology (ITE) and the Focus Area Smart Cities and Communities, also received this year’s Prize for Collaboration and Innovation. Above all, she has focused on collaboration between the University, businesses and organisations to develop education – not least commissioned education. With outstanding commitment, she has arranged events and engaged students, worked on several externally funded projects and been active on various external boards.

“The cooperation between the University and the surrounding world is crucial for knowledge and research results to reach out and also for us to gather new knowledge from outside. It is so important that we make our students, educational programmes and research projects visible in different ways, but also lifelong learning, commissioned education and expert support in various fields. This long-term work contributes to putting Halmstad on the map,” says Stella Erlandsson.

Anders Nelson underlines the importance of Stella Erlandsson’s work for the University:

“For a very long time, Stella Erlandsson has been a vital force for the collaboration that has been carried out at the University, not only at ITE where she has done most of her work, but also in projects across academic boundaries.”

Text: Anna-Frida Agardson
Film: Anna-Frida Agardson
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Motivation to Magnus Clarin

Magnus Clarin has, throughout his career at Halmstad University, had a strong focus on collaboration and innovation. During his years as Head of Hälsoteknikcentrum (now Leap for Life), he led several multidisciplinary development projects in collaboration between staff and students at the University and the private and public external actors. This long-term value- and relationship-creating collaboration created conditions for a great amount of future projects. As Dean of the School of Information Technology, through diligent work, Magnus Clarin enabled the long-term investment in the KK-funded research project CAISR Health and the research programme Information Driven Care. The multidisciplinary research currently conducted through co-production creates new knowledge and understanding that can answer major societal challenges. The important relationships created during Magnus Clarins’ time as Dean of School positioned Halmstad University as an important collaboration partner for Region Halland regarding building the future healthcare organisation. In his current roles as Research and Education Manager at Region Halland and Project Manager at the University, Magnus Clarin continues strengthening the strategic and operational collaboration between Region Halland and the University. Magnus Clarin is indeed a worthy winner of the University’s Prize for Collaboration and Innovation year 2023.

Motivation to Stella Erlandsson

Stella Erlandsson has, during her time at Halmstad University, Collaboration Coordinator at the School of Information Technology, been an enormously important force in creating effective relationships with the surrounding society regarding education and research.
Stella Erlandsson arranges events and engages students in order to connect the University with organisations in an exemplary way, not least to develop education. She has worked for a long time to establish commissioned education, both for the private and public sectors, for example, for the Swedish Armed Forces and the Police Authority. She has led and worked in several externally funded projects for the transfer of knowledge between academia and industry, both in Sweden and abroad. Often, this has required her to familiarise herself with areas that are new to her. Stella Erlandsson has represented the University on several external boards. With her outstanding ability and incredible commitment to finding and developing the right interfaces for the mutual benefits between the University and existing and potential partners, Stella Erlandsson is indeed a worthy winner of the University’s Prize for Collaboration and Innovation year 2023.

About the Prize for Collaboration and Innovation

The award aims to draw attention to successes and initiatives that have to do with utilisation, innovation and collaboration. The prize is awarded to the individual or group of individuals that has been particularly successful in – through collaboration – developing and strengthening the research and education at Halmstad University. The prize has been awarded since 2017. Previous winners are:

2022: Staffan Enting and Jan Karlsson
2021: Olga Torstensson, Malin Bornhager and Muhammad Ahsan Rasool
2020: Frida Stranne
2019: Gerry Andersson
2018: Karin Weman Josefsson
2017: Hans-Erik Eldemark