Halmstad University Dissertations

Doctoral and licentiate theses from Halmstad University are published by Halmstad University Press in the publication series Halmstad University Dissertations. The theses are published in both digital and printed formats, and the digital copy is available in DiVA, Digitala vetenskapliga arkivet.


When the Committe for Doctoral Education (FUU) has made a decision regarding the doctoral candidate's disseration, the publishing house is notified. The publishing house assigns an ISBN for bothe the printed and digital copies, as well as a series number, and then emails this information to the doctoral student.

Design and printing

All doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses published in the series Halmstad University Dissertation have a consistent design for the cover and title page. However, the basic design may vary depending on whether you as a researcher prefers illustrations on the cover or not. You can find the different versions of the template further down on this page.

The content and information for the title page should be submitted to the Communications Department at least six term weeks before the date of the dissertation/licentiate seminar. The following information is required for the title page:

  • Whether it´s a doctoral thesis or a licentiate thesis.
  • Title of the thesis/paper.
  • Name and affiliation (academy).
  • Image (portrait) and a brief text for the back cover. The text should be a maximum of 500 characters in Adobe Garamond Pro font, 10 points.
  • Optional: High-resolution image for the cover. 300 dpi and in JPEG format.

Even a thesis composed of seperate articles should be submitted as one manuscript. This means that all content should be delivered in a unifield document with a texts in the thesis/paper.

Distribution of the printed copies

The doctoral student submits a form to the Committe for Doctoral Education (FUU) to establish the distribution list. The printing press delivers the printed copies to Campus Services, which distributes the thesis to those listed on the approved distribution list. One copy is sent to the library, which creates a catalog entry in the national library catalog, Libris, and then places a printed copy for loan in the library.

Cover design

The covers are designed for doctoral theses but can also be used for Licentiate theses. Click to download in PDF format.