Halmstad Intelligent Home (HINT)

At Halmstad University there is an apartment called Halmstad Intelligent Home (HINT). It provides a realistic home environment for research studies and experiments to develop new innovations. An intelligent home is not just a resource for facilitating everyday life and for controlling simple functions such as lamps or home electronics. The technology can also be an important resource in healthcare.

A man lies in bed reading a newspaper, another man monitors using computer screens. Photo.

Halmstad Intelligent Home (HINT) is a development lab where research takes place in a realistic home environment. Photo: Anders Andersson.

Halmstad Intelligent Home (HINT) is financed by the School of Information Technology (ITE). HINT is strongly linked to Leap for Life, Halland’s innovation centre for information driven care. The apartment is used for health innovation and is equipped with a variety of sensors that detect the activity in the room. The thermal cameras in the apartment can, for example, be used to analyse human behavior and assist care providers during night time. The sensors are often simple and the thermal cameras are operated with cheap computers. The technology is integrated in the living space and, according to the researchers who have lived in the apartment, are not noticed, which is a sign of the technology well integrated in the apartment.

 Two hands holding a tablet showing floor plan over an apartment. Photo.

Sensors and cameras in the apartment are controlled digitally by the researchers. Photo: Joachim Brink