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Biogas collaboration in the southwest of Sweden

Biogassamverkan Sydväst works with matchmaking and facilitation of biogas initiatives as well as increasing knowledge about biogas substrates, which are currently underutilised but represent great potential. Through our efforts, we also wish to contribute to increased value creation and circularity in agriculture as well as increased security of supply with biofertiliser that can replace imported, fossil commercial fertiliser.

The purpose of the project is to contribute to increased biogas production to meet the need for fossil-free fuels and raw materials for a green transition. The need for biogas is great, not least by industrial companies in this geography. The project will facilitate dialogue within the entire value chain – from agriculture and other substrate owners to the end customer – and contribute to sustainable business models.

About the project

Project period

  • 2022-12-01–2024-05-31

Project manager

Other participating researchers

Collaboration partners

  • Energikontor Sydost (Energy office Southeast)
  • Biogas Väst (Biogas West)
  • Länsstyrelsen i Skåne (The Scanian County Administrative Board)
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Alnarp


  • Region Halland