GAIN – Green Agri Industry Innovation

This programme is offered at second-cycle level; it is research-based and aimed at expert expertise within green industries. The project initiative is financed by the Knowledge Foundation during the period 2016–2018. The programme is conducted within the framework of the Halmstad School of Innovation (HSI).

The project is carried out in collaboration with the following organisations: The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society of Halland, the Rural Economy and Agricultural Society of Östergötland, LRF Konsult, Rådgivarna i Sjuhärad, VÄXA Sverige and Halmstad University.

The education includes courses in innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, business models and more and is implemented in flexible forms of education, so-called "blended learning". The education projects address key people in order to increase their innovation capacity as well as that of businesses. Company-specific innovation projects through which a new or improved product, service, process or business model can be developed can be integrated into the courses. Participants: business executives, entrepreneurs, researchers and master students.

Expected results

  • Increased ability to lead innovative work,
  • Innovations in the form of new or improved products, service, process or business model,
  • Courses at second-cycle level with higher education credits.

Innovative business creation – the art of thinking differently

The course dealt with what creativity and innovation mean, what is required to create a creative climate, and what was given as a run-through of creative methods. The course also dealt with innovation ability and strategic thinking. During the course, several real examples of companies with good innovation capacity were provided.

Self-leadership and coaching leadership for innovation

The course was aimed at entrepreneurs wanting to develop their leadership, and at advisors wanting to develop expertise in the area of leadership, in order to meet the challenges of the future.

The course addressed challenges and opportunities with leadership, self-leadership and coaching leadership. The course focused on how companies and employees can be developed with the help of coaching leadership, as well as strategic and critical thinking.