Stop-notion – education concept with gamification to increase gender quality and diversity in technology educations

Stop-Notion wants to develop a new education concept to increase the technology interest for young people in their careers. It's about getting individuals to stop and think in new ways.

There is a great opportunity with reviewing and increasing the innovation in the content and pedagogy in technical education because there are fewer and fewer people who are interested in techno-heavy subjects and industrial work.

Technical educations largely recruit male students, partly due to previous interest and how the message is designed in recruitment processes and in the industry, there is already a lack of competence, which is why the potential in this project is great. The challenge is also linked to further education.

Digitization places many demands on small businesses and many invest in new technologies such as automation/robotization, sensors and systems for managing large amounts of data, as well as simpler tools for communication such as reading plates and digital screens. An initiative to meet the industry's challenge regarding Robotization and automation is the Robot Lift within the Smart Industry initiative, which will probably mean that many more robots will be installed outside the companies. In Stop-Notion, we therefore want to further develop existing course materials for Automation and Industrial Robots linked to two different learning environments: Fablab at Halmstad University and Gothenburg Technical Collage.

Stop means to stop, which can be done through movies, texts written with a norm-critical perspective or images. Notion is about taking the next step, namely to reflect and act, which we want to reinforce with the help of gamification.

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