Transition to Circular Economy – How can the agricultural sector contribute?

There is a need to adjust to a more circular economy. Agricultural companies have the potential to implement such a transition by developing new circular business models, including biogas and bio-fertiliser farm production.

This project will contribute to the transition through three collaborative project partners (Halmstad University, Vessige Biogas Ekonomisk Förening and Falkenberg Municipality), which are investigating the obstacles and driving forces for developing the circular business models, as well as policy development and behavioural changes that may push towards a circular economy in the agricultural sector.

Workshops with stakeholders and survey and interview studies will find out how production and disposal of biogas and bio-fertilisers can be safeguarded, as well as the standards, instruments and laws that promote the circular solutions.

New knowledge is to be developed that increases the willingness of agricultural companies to develop and implement circular business models. Plans and models for new solutions are developed and utilised for wise use both nationally and internationally.