Consulting EUTH

The project Consulting EUTH aims to support the setting up of consultative bodies of youth migrants at local and EU level. In close cooperation with public authorities, it aims at involving youth migrants and refugees in active political life by co-designing policies addressed to migrants and refugees.

The general objective of the project is the active participation of migrants in consultative and decision-making processes that contributes to their empowerment/long-term integration. Their involvement enhances the cultural background and skills of migrants and facilitates social inclusion in EU context and in terms of active EU citizenship.

About the project

Project period

2022-01-01– 2023-12-30

Project leader

Project partners

  • The National Youth Agency of Malta, Malta
  • Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, Spain
  • D'Antilles et D'Ailleurs, France
  • Dimos Lariseon, Greece
  • European Migrant Platform, Belgium
  • Innovation Hive, Greece
  • Institute Ikigai, Spain
  • Migration Policy Group, Belgium
  • Platform INS, Netherlands
  • Roma Capitale, Italy
  • Solidarity and Overseas Service Malta, Malta
  • Tia Formazione Internazionale Associazione, Italy


European Union, represented by the European Commission. AMIF 2021 Programme under agreement no. 101037962.