Access to e-resources from off campus

As a staff or student at Halmstad University you can get access to the library's licensed electronic resources such as databases, journals and e‑books when you are outside the campus network. To get access you will need to login through our proxy server.

When do I have to login?

As soon as you are outside the University network and try to access a licensed electronic resource, you will automatically be linked to a login page.

What are my login credentials?

You use the same login credentials that you would use when logging in to your University e-mail, Blackboards e.g. Your login credentials are personal and must not be spread to a third party. You are personally held responsible for you login details.

Login once

Note, you only need to login once. Your computer must accept cookies, which most browsers are set to accept by default. If unactive, you will be logged out after 30 minutes. If it doesn't work check your browser's preferences.