Master's Programme (120 credits) in Industrial Management and Innovation

120 credits

As a technician specialising in industrial organisation and innovation, you can organise and support the development of future technology. You can also develop processes for company and business development, as well as industrial innovations. The master's programme teaches you how to handle technology, management and finance linked to innovation work.

About the education

Innovative environments, methods and tools

The education at Halmstad University is characterised by our profiling as a university that drives innovation. On the basis of technical knowledge, you use complementary theories and models to plan, develop, implement and drive technical innovations linked to strategic and operational goals in an organisation. At the same time, you will learn to understand the significance of research and technological development at societal level.

The programme is based on an interdisciplinary foundation of entrepreneurship, production management, innovation management and strategic management.

Courses and competencies in focus

The Master's programme in Industrial Management and Innovation is built on three knowledge blocks, with different perspectives on technological development and innovation management. During the first semester, you develop an overall understanding of consumption and financial growth, competition, industrial transformation and technological change at the overall level. The introductory courses give you knowledge in the main field of industrial organisation.

The second semester focuses on business technology and innovation strategies. The courses link a company’s strategic decisions to events in the contexts in which the company operates, such as product lifecycles and their significance for how the company manages its product portfolio.

After the first year you can conclude the programme with a master's degree. If you instead move on to the third semester, you will be involved in the entire process from idea to commercialisation. You also explore methods and tools to work on and manage innovation activities.

In the fourth and final semester, you perform your degree project.

Entry requirements

Bachelor's degree in Engineering (equivalent of 180 Swedish credit points/ECTS credits at an accredited university) and Industrial Management 15 credits on first level. Applicants must have written and verbal command of the English language equivalent to English course 6 in Swedish Upper-Secondary School.

Programme content

The courses listed below are included in the programme starting autumn 2021 (may be subject to change).

All courses are within the main field Industrial management.

Year 1

  • Strategic Planning, 7.5 credits
  • Industrial Transformation and Technical Change, 7.5 credits
  • Management of Technology, 7.5 credits
  • Product Development and Innovation Management, 7.5 credits
  • Management of Innovation Projects, 7.5 credits
  • Research Design and Methods, 7.5 credits
  • Visualizing and Prototyping, 7.5 credits
  • Business Model Innovation, 7.5 credits

Year 2

  • Concurrent Product and Business Development I, 7.5 credits
  • Industrial Marketing, 7.5 credits
  • Economics of innovation, 7.5 credits
  • Concurrent Product and Business Development II, 7.5 credits
  • Thesis in Industrial Management, 30 credits

After the education


The programme leads to a Degree of Master of Science with a major in Industrial Management.

Opportunities for further studies

After the programme, you are qualified to apply for doctoral or PhD studies, for example in the University's own third cycle courses in innovation science.


The Master's programme in Industrial Management and Innovation prepares you to participate in qualified research and development work in industry.

Autumn 2021 (Campus based, Halmstad, 100%)


Advanced level

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Entry requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Engineering or the equivalent of 180 Swedish credit points or 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university, and Industrial Management 15 credits on first level. Applicants must have written and verbal command of the English language equivalent to English course 6 in Swedish Upper-Secondary School.

Selection rules:

Selection is made on the basis of the required educational background.

Instructional time:


Language of instruction:

Teaching is in English.

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