The objective of Greenbizz is to increase the use of Green Energy by 10 percent in start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, SME, in the Kattegat-Skagerrak region.

Project aim

The project aims to help startups and SMEs with:

  • Reducing its total energy consumption by 10–15 percent
  • Converting 10–15 percent of the total energy consumption to more renewable energy – green energy
  • Reducing CO2 emissions due to the above
  • Setting up a green business model dashboard that continously measures the parameters of the green business odel on how green a business is

The project will help the businesses to develop new, green business models based on Life cycle assessment, LCA, which provides quantitative data on which parts of the business that has the highest CO2 emission impact. The businesses can use this to examine which measures are expected to provide the greatest cost/benefit value with regards to reducing CO2 and increase the use of renewable energy.

LCA will also be utilized to determine CO2 reduction and the amount of renewable energy after the new measures have been implemented. The businesses will thereby obtain a direct measure of their environmental impact, and of how much they have improved. Many startups and SMEs see investments in green energy as risky and less transparent than conventional investments.

Investment in green energy requires change in business practice and adapting new high-tech. Greenbizz will support these businesses to overcome these barriers and achieve high motivation to increase their renewable energy consumption. Moreover, the project will collaborate with a total of 60 start-ups and SMEs in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. In addition, we will work with energy consultancy, organizations and organizations that supports startups and SMEs.

About the project

Project period

2021-05-01 – 2022-09-30

Project leader

Peter Lindgren, Aarhus Univversity

Participating researchers at Halmstad University

John Lindgren
Christian Koch
Kristian Widén

Project partners

Aarhus University
Østfold University College


European Regional Development Fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak






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