Implementation of solar cell facilities in Swedish urban buildings – obstacles from the actor’s perspective

The project aims to increase the expansion of solar cells in Sweden, by identifying perceived obstacles in the construction process linked to various actors, investigate and describe their impact and relevance for solar cell facilities and identify which actors play a major role.

The goal is to provide a comprehensive picture of the obstacles the various actors experience, for a general implementation of solar cell facilities in the built environment, and to provide an analysis of innovation ecosystems for implementation of solar cell facilities in the built environment. There is a need for increased knowledge and understanding of the obstacles in the construction process, of installing an increased amount of solar cells and the mechanisms that affect the diffusion of innovations in project-based sectors. The project will identify the actors’ role in the implementation
process, as well as contribute to their understanding of their role in removing obstacles. Furthermore, the project will provide an understanding of the value chain for the implementation of solar energy in the built environment, by identifying its innovation ecosystem.

The research project is led by Docent Kristian Widén of the School of Business, Engineering and Science, Halmstad University. WSP Global is contributing to the project with engineer and solar energy expert Charlotta Winkler, who has been working with solar heat and solar energy issues since 2003.