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The aim of the RES4CITY research project is to address an estimated EU skills gap in the renewable energy sector, which has the potential to create 43 million jobs by 2050.

The RES4CITY is an innovative research and education project that aims to address the skills gap that is slowing our transition to sustainable energy. The research programme will be designed by a multi-disciplinary group of partners across European academia, industry, and NGOs with expertise in energy management, renewable energy systems, renewable fuel technologies and the development and implementation of sustainability strategy design.

The RES4CITY project aims to address a projected EU skills shortage in the renewable energy sector, which has the potential to create 38 million jobs by 2030, and 43 million jobs by 2050. The project will create a suite of education programmes and tools providing inclusive opportunities for all learners to develop skills in renewable energy systems, fuel technologies, and sustainability. RES4CITY aims to ensure that education systems are at the core of the green transition. The team will co-design a suite of programmes targeting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and non-STEM graduates, as well as professionals wishing to re-skill.

The project focuses on urban contexts, as most of the EU population is concentrated in cities, where the consumption of resources has been steadily increasing. By addressing knowledge, attitudes and skills, the RES4CITY researchers expect to empower society to grasp new opportunities and face the challenges posed by a fast-changing and digital world.

The project is led by Maynooth University, Ireland, and brings together 17 partners across eight countries. Halmstad University’s role in RES4CITY is Lead partner for an industry-based case about sustainable bioenergy and side bio-products production on costal urban areas, and competences in sustainable business innovation.

About the project

Project period



Horizon Europe, European Commission

Project leader

Fabiano Pallonetto, Maynooth University, Ireland

Other participating researchers and universities

Project partners

  • Tipperary Energy Agency, Ireland
  • Artemat, Italy
  • Three O'Clock, France
  • WiTEC, Sweden
  • Falkenbergs Energi, Sweden
  • United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) och Global Hope Network International, Switzerland

More information

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