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iHelm: AI In Climate and AI for the sustainability of short-sea vessels

The purpose of this project is to further develop a current prototype to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and industrialize the solution at the end of this project. The main objective of the product is to reduce emissions from marine commercial short-sea vessels, e.g. transport ferries, by guiding the operator toward Green Operation.

This assist function, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based decision making, will show the best operational sweet spot for the environment, comfort of passengers and time of arrival based on a large amount of operational data. The product, a data-based service, will use AI technologies to identify operations, use real-time data and categorize the operations.


The current prototype is based on off-the-shelf hardware with simplified software. The first prototype showed a potential for significant fuel (10-35%) and emission reduction for marine commercial segment with a potential for creating a sustainable business. However, in order to make a positive business case out of this idea, part of commissioning, software adjustment to operation and maintenance need to be automated using AI technologies.

To this end, the project will drive research on AI for aware systems, and develop novel machine learning methods and decision support tools that improve operational efficiency and reduce inappropriate use of complex equipment.


A successful product will lead to significantly shortening the resource training time (currently years of experience needed), hence moving toward a resource efficiency for this segment. This project aims to strengthening partnership between the business segment, AI research in Sweden and climate change for the marine segment.


The outcome of this project should also help authorities to define new ways of measuring and enforcing commitment to emission targets in the marine commercial segment.

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Project managers

Other participating researchers

Collaboration partners

  • CetaSol AB, a newly formed joint venture between Volvo Penta and Qamcom Group for the purpose of marine commercial energy solutions.
  • Qamcom Group, expert in software and hardware development. Qamcom will contribute with hardware and software platform industrialization.

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